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Peace! I am Daphne Fuller, the creator of Black Minds In Meditation.   As the practice of yoga became a part of my life I knew that it was important to incorporate it into my mental health therapy, Reiki and coaching practice. It helped to reach and heal parts of me that no amount of talking or listening could do. After coming upon this realization I knew I had to share it with other people of color. I had to spread the word. You see there were two people of color in the training, and I was one of the two. I soon found out that it was like this at most yoga teacher trainings and most yoga studios; that we were the minority and I was not having that!

Since then I began facilitating workshops, speaking and sharing information about yoga(postures, meditation, spirituality, Reiki, yoga philosophy and more. Knowing personally how depression and anxiety can affect your life to include your family, relationships with others and the one you have with yourself, Daphne hopes to help people of color heal so that they may grow personally and professionally through the use of holistic practices.

Black Minds In Meditation

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