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“Since a people’s indigenous culture anchors them to reality, culture must be the starting point for all recovery, restoration and understanding.” Baba Wade W. Nobles

Our Tribe is growing.  Join us at our next in person or virtual event.

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"Afrikan Yoka, as practiced by civilization around the Pacific basin (Orient) demonstrates that specific Yoga body movements affect the mind and health." Dr. Llaila O. Afrika

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Black Minds In Meditation was created as a space for Black folks. Special emphasis is placed on the empowerment and mental wellness of women, in turn strengthening the male and family unit through trainings, workshops, retreats, yoga, positive psychology, spirituality, heritage, and other holistic practices. Our men are our allies and are welcome.




Black  Minds In Meditation EMPOWERS practitioners with incorporating and integrating yoga, sound, Reiki, spirituality and mental health into developing their own businesses. Consultations are now available.

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