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Who is this for: 

  • Black and Indigenous Women of Color and our male allies.  

  • Individuals interested in learning more about chakras and mental health.

  • Individuals experiencing anxiety.

  • The over thinker.

  • The high achiever.

  • The individual dealing with Imposter Syndrome.

This journey does not diagnose or treat mental health disorders.  This is not therapy and is not a replacement for therapy or medication.​

7 Day Chakra Journey
Begins 9/9.  
Join the email list to participate.
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What will we do?  

Over 7 days you will receive the following:  

  • Information and education on chakras and anxiety.

  • Yoga sequences, affirmations, meditations,  breath work exercises, journal prompts, etc.

  • A link to a Private FB Group

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