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Ancient Practices In Traditional Therapy Considerations

Unlock the Power of Ancient Practices in Your Therapy Sessions

Welcome to a transformative journey in therapeutic healing. Download this guide to support you as you integrate ancient practices – yoga (asana, breathwork, mindfulness), sound, and African ancestral traditions – into your therapeutic toolkit. As mental health professionals, you understand the significance of holistic approaches, and this guide empowers you with practical insights and ethical considerations to enhance your therapeutic skills.


What's Inside:

Assess client readiness for yoga and sound, and navigate the integration of African spiritual practices within therapeutic goals. From understanding medical histories to fostering a traumainformed approach, our guide provides you with essential questions and considerations. Elevate your practice, foster cultural competence, and build a collaborative approach with your clients.


Download now to embark on a journey of ancient wisdom in modern therapy.


Let me know if you'd like to schedule a consultation or attend Liberate to Elevate Costa Rica Retreat I am hosting this August for Black women.


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