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I am excited to walk you through the process of successfully and confidently incorporating mental health, yoga and other energy medicine practices into your business!  This path will not only open so many beautiful doors for you but also for your clients.


This 75 minute session will assist you with incorporating yoga (meditation, asana, mindfulness, principles) and other holistic practices into your coaching, yoga and psychotherapy business.   I will share with you information and strategies from the trauma and culturally informed mind, body, spirit program, PEACE IS, real life experiences, success and challenges.  This consultation will provide you with the supportive nudge you need to move forward with confidence as well as an activity to ensure that you are are equipped with what you need to stay the course (your Divine course).

One of the things I know from being a mental health therapist for almost 11 years, a yoga instructor, Reiki and Sound Practitioner, and a previous Military Counselor, School Counselor and Special Education Teacher for a combination of 17 years is that talking through issues without other interventions will only get us so far. There are many success stories with talk therapy, don't get me wrong, however there are times when it just scratches the surface and in some cases agitates or intensifies the difficult emotions; leaving the client with no long lasting coping strategies. Many of the people I have worked with over the years needed and need more.  


This consultation includes:

*Strategies and education from my 4 month PEACE IS program.

*Individualized time to discuss your needs.

*A resource list with forms, books and tools I have used.

*2 followup email correspondences to address your questions within 30 days if desired.  

*Case studies

*eBook "Embracing You: Sacred Self Love and Compassion Guide.

*Activity to help you move out of your own way and move forward with confidence.


Cost: $300 for one session

I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Yoga Instructor,  Reiki and Sound Practitioner, Speaker, Author, Coach and Consultant.


I ask for 24 hour notice in the event you need to reschedule so that we can find a time that works better.  I do also understand that life happens.  


You are allowed one reschedule.    There are no refunds.