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Liberate to Elevate Retreat

Costa Rica

August 6-11, 2024 


The Liberate to Elevate coaching program and retreat focuses on creating a safe, liberating and fun space to share in indigenous healing practices that your nurture the spirit, mind, and body. Our focus is on our connection to nature, our culture, each other, self and the Creator, while having sacred time, having fun and liberating our souls by shedding old programming and self limiting beliefs.

The Liberate to Elevate Retreat supports you in: 

Overcoming burn out

✅  Releasing self doubt, shame and blame

✅  Gaining clarity on areas of confusion and hurt in your life

✅  Working through generational and societal baggage that is robbing you of your joy

✅  Releasing beliefs that tell you you are not good enough, you are too old, you waited too late or you failed

 Recharging to more effectively show up for yourself, as a parent, partner and caregiver
✅  The reset that you need and desire

The Liberate to Elevate Retreat will provide you with:

✅  Time to be with yourself in a safe space

✅  Rest

✅  Opportunities to experience joy in the good company of other women

✅  Tools to revive and reconnect with your life force energy so that you leave feeling powerful and rejuvenated.

✅  Reconnecting to the essence of who you are with love and compassion

✅  Rebalancing your nervous system to achieve an state of optimal wellness

✅  Nourishing plant based meals and drinks

✅  Love, laugher and fun

At A Glance
✅ 6 group coaching calls from January to March 2024
✅ 2x a month meetings
✅ Designed to assist you with attaining your personal goals
✅ Your first meeting with me will be an exploratory call to discuss your interests and needs.
✅ Sessions during group or retreat will include: Cognitive behavioral coaching, Somatic Experiencing, Sound Healing, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique, activities from Brene Brown's Daring Way and Rising Strong Curriculum, intergenerational and ancestral healing, strategies from my Sacred Self Love and Compassion eBook, dance and more.

✅ 5 nights, 6 day retreat
✅ In Costa Rica at IMILOA INSTITUTE a 22-acre jungle oasis of Dominical, Costa Rica. Imiloa is nestled in the heart of the rainforest, overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean, and is just a short 15-minute ride from the beach. This venue offers the perfect setting for experiencing deep healing while being embraced by nature, all in the comfort of luxurious accommodations. During your stay at Imiloa, you will experience the quiet beauty of rambling nature paths, indulge in the serenity of a private waterfall, relax by the shared infinity pool that offers breathtaking forest and ocean views, and savor the culinary delights of
✅ 3 plant-based meals a day, meticulously crafted by an expert kitchen team with fresh squeezed juice at each meal.
✅ Beach excursion
✅ Yoga
✅ Sound Healing
✅ Hike in nature
✅ Blue clay and waterfall experience

Priority notification regarding any upcoming events, retreats and discounts for them. Services are virtual. This is a safe and sacred space and will be treated as such. You will have access to me via Marco Polo with questions you may have. *There are no refunds.

Let’s Work Together

500 Terry Francine Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

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We are gonna laugh, rest, eat good, dance, yoga, elevate and heal.


We will be staying in a 3 story oceanfront home on Tybee Island.  Some rooms will be shared.  

Arrive on Friday evening. 

Depart Monday rising.


Beach yoga/restorative yoga


Activities from The Daring Way™

Emotional Freedom Tapping

Sister circles/Dance/Clearing Ceremony


Sacred Self Love and Compassion

Sound baths

Historical tour/Excursion into Savannah

Rest, Relaxation and Laughter


Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (3 and 4 courses)

*One of these meals will be on your own during our excursion. TBD

BMIM Wellness Bag

MA'ATS Garden Essential Oil Blend

MA'ATS Garden Herbal Tea 

Smudging wands

& More (Sponsorships are welcome)


$3500 to $6000

Payment plans available.



Join us in Costa Rica

Can't wait to see you in Costa Rica!

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