Love is the highest vibration and YOU are love! It is all around you.  With this guide you will begin to feel and exude it as a part of you.  This guide includes a 33 page eBook,  2 recorded yoga videos, 2 audiovisual guided meditations and a private FB Group.  It is designed to support you in identifying and changing that which has become a repeated statements or beliefs that makes it difficult for you to love yourself just as you are.  

You will:

  • With the guide and masterclass you will:

  • Develop a better relationship with yourself.
  • Learn to pamper yourself- mind, body and spirit.
  • Release unhealthy patterns and habits.
  • Create personalized goals.
  • Raise your vibration.
  • Learn to live with intention.
  • Experience how the power of speaking and giving love to yourself can transform your very existence.
  • Build a self love altar.
  • Be guided in specially crafted yoga sequences and breathing meditations.
  • Receive a suggested list of items to guide you on this sacred journey.
  • Receive research based and spiritually guided information and exercises.
  • As a Black Woman you have the option to join the FB Group Sacred Self Love and Compassion for added SiSTARhood from other women.
  • Please make sure to check your spam for additonal emails to access the FB Group and Dropbox files

Embracing You: Sacred Self Love and Compassion Guide