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Who is this for: 

Are you a high-achieving Black woman who:

  • Despite your successes, you find yourself in a constant pursuit of more, leading to burn out?

  • Knows you need to rest and reset throughout the year

  • Needs more opportunities to recharge so that you can more effectively show up for yourself and in the other important roles you have in life?

  • Often neglects your own mental health and well being for work or others?

  • Desires to reset your gut health or begin a plant based journey?

  • Is working to overcome generational and societal baggage that is robbing you of your joy?

  • If you know you deserve rest and a great reset throughout the year, our 2024 Costa Rica Retreat is a great fit for you.

Liberate to Elevate Retreat
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What will we do?  

Over 7 days you will receive the following:  

  • Information and education on chakras and anxiety.

  • Yoga sequences, affirmations, meditations,  breath work exercises, journal prompts, etc.

  • A link to a Private FB Group

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