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Black Minds In Meditation is dedicated to bringing awareness to holistic practices and mental health to people of the African Diaspora.  Specific emphasis is placed on the empowerment and mental wellness of our women, in turn strengthening the male and family unit.  We are interested in publishing pieces from and having conversations with holistic arts practitioners, herbalist, energy practitioners, spiritual advisors, historians, activists, food specialists and licensed mental health professionals.   See below if you are interested:  


Black Minds Write

1.  You will gain exposure to a community of over 20,000.

2.  Writing can be no more than 700 words, must be an original piece and can't be published other places.

3.  Writing must be culturally relevant, spiritual, historical, theoretical or evidenced based.  

4.  When shared on other platforms it must include a link to the original post that was published on the site.

5.  Writing must be in .doc format. 

6.  Please email me if you are really interested and want to share your ideas.

7.  Please share one of your previous writings if applicable or

8.  Send your actual blog submission for review.  You will be notified in 2 weeks to let you know if it was chosen.

9. Your writing can not be promotional.  You will have an opportunity to have your information listed under your piece.

Send email to

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