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I meet mental health therapists and wellness practitioners regularly that love what they do but are experiencing burn out with how they are delivering services.  


The service providers themselves want to:

  • Move away from only doing talk therapy or coaching because they recognize that their clients would benefit from a more (w)holistic approach  

  • Scale their businesses by offering more integrative services to increase their income

  • Expand their reach 

  • Reduce their own burn out

  • Provide services that feel innate to who they are

  • Decolonize their practices


The service providers I come into contact with have:

  • Amazing ideas

  • Goals written down that they think about often

    Feelings of self doubt and second guess themselves

    A call to do this work

  • Confusion about how to make this work



This program benefits you, your business and your clients by attracting your ideal clients, improving your effectiveness, improving client success, supporting personal and professional growth and fulfillment and increasing your confidence.

If this sounds like you, then this program can help you get clear on how to move forward with this work.  


This three month individual and group coaching program will assist you with incorporating yoga (meditation, asana, mindfulness, principles) and other holistic practices into your coaching, yoga and psychotherapy business.  This will provide you with the supportive nudge you need to move forward with confidence as well as an activity to ensure that you are equipped with what you need to stay the course. I am excited to walk you through the process of successfully and confidently.  This path will not only open so many beautiful doors for you but also for your clients.

One of the things I know from being a mental health therapist of 13.5 years, a yoga instructor, Reiki and Sound Practitioner, and a previous Military Counselor, School Counselor and Special Education Teacher for a combination of 17 years is that talking through issues without other interventions will only get us so far.  There are many success stories with talk therapy, don't get me wrong, however there are times when it just scratches the surface and in some cases agitates or intensifies the difficult emotions; leaving the client with no long lasting coping strategies that facilitate wellness holistically.  Many of the people I have worked with over the years needed and need more.  




This  includes:

*6 group coaching sessions

*1 individual session

*Private FB Group for support

*Individualized time to discuss your needs.

* Exploring how to integrate wholistic practices with clients sessions, while honoring cultural sensitivity and boundaries.

*A clear plan to move forward.

*Review of one chosen social media platform and recommendations

*Review cases

*Resource lists

*Support in gaining personal and professional clarity using holistic strategies

*Discounts on other offers

​I am a somatically trained Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor, Reiki and Sound Practitioner, Daring Way™ Facilitator, Speaker, Author, Coach, Consultant and 200 Yoga Instructor currently studying to become a 500 level instructor.  I create teas and oils.  I also work with schools, organizations and and have been in People magazine,, etc.  I'd love to support you!

Begins: May 8, 2024 at 7pm est

Based on the needs of the group, date and time can be adjusted.


What's the Investment?  1995.00 for 3 months


Pay in Full- 1900.00

Pay in 3 month installments- 665.00

Have more questions and want to schedule a consultation?



Group call calendar will be shared and calls recorded.  No reschedule needed.  

72 hour notice required to reschedule an individual session.  Missed sessions are forfeited. 

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