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Who is the training for?

This training is for Licensed Therapists, Coaches, Yoga Instructors and Yoga Therapists.

This training is open to all ethnicities with the priority to hold space for Black and Indigenous practitioners.



Class dates and times: October 11, October 25, November 8, November 29, 

December 13,  December 27, January 10

This is a 7 week training program that meets once a month for 2.5 to 3 hours.


There are no CEUs being offered for the 2021 training.  CEU's will be offered for the 2022 training.

In this training we will:

1.    Discuss how the acknowledgment of Black culture and heritage can positively impact care for the Black mind, body and spirit.

2.    Define trauma and anxiety and describe how stress (trauma, anxiety) affects the body.

3.    Develop strategies to integrate mental health, yoga and energy medicine on and off the couch.

4.    Identify values to strengthen confidence as a clinician, move out of your own way and live courageously using African centered, Eastern ideology and concepts from Brené Brown’s Daring Way Training.

5.    Describe the mental health challenges of the African from an eastern and western lens.

6.    Incorporate eastern and western practices for the progression of Black minds, bodies and spirit.

7.    Learn breathing techniques, when and how to implement and monitor them in the therapy session.


8.    Learn strategies to regulate the autonomic nervous system.

9.    Participate as a practitioner and an experiencer.

10.    Understand ways to make yoga and energy medicine more accessible and how inaccessibility relates to white supremacy, that has attempted to separate Black minds, bodies and spirit from what is innate. 

11.    Learn about yoga (poses, meditation, breathing) as an evidence-based modality for the resolution of anxiety, and trauma. 

12.    Learn somatic skills and how to integrate them for a broader scope of practice and increased effectiveness in supporting clients in anxiety and trauma resolution. 

13.    Understand spirituality as a form of psychological transformation and wellness.

14.     Incorporate yoga principles to include the chakra system into your practice for clients.

15.   Discuss the vital role of spirituality in healing and transformation.

16.     Learn to create your own ancestor altar (Class for BIPOC only).  So many of our practices have been stolen and

hidden from us that we will be honoring the need to keep this sacred.



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