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Why We Offer Hip Hop Yoga

In Mental Health Therapy we meet people where they are and we work from there.  Well, I want to share yoga with all people and meet them where they are, especially those underrepresented in the world of yoga and also those in marginalized communities; many that would not otherwise give this practice a second thought or be exposed to it.  There are a number of minorities practicing yoga, but there are so many more that are not.  I am not teaching it because it is a trend or in hopes that $15 classes will make me rich. It is my way of giving back to the community and reaching some that may not otherwise be open to it.

There is healing and self discovery in yoga. There is self love and happiness in yoga. There is a way to heal and strengthen communities in yoga. I want to see the effects trickle down to our children, within our homes, relationships and businesses.

We take life so seriously, sometimes to our own detriment. In mental health I see people daily that come in sad, anxious and concerned of the judgements that have been placed on them by society and their burdening feelings of having to be perfect, and to fit into a certain mold. Offering Hip Hop Yoga classes for me is also a way to move from the slacks and expectations of the societal norms of what proper is and isn't, it is an opportunity to connect with others that share the same interest and feel at ease.  We can connect through music even when we can not connect through conversation, not only to others but ourselves. There are untold stories within our bodies that want to get out and be free.  There are things that may not be expressed on the couch that may be expressed through your yoga practice.  You enter a space where you can peel back your layers, be who you are and allow the untamed, raw beats and lyrics to flow while you practice this art that before appeared like something that just wasn't for you.

I grew up listening to Hip Hop Music. My older brother was a true Hip Hop Head. I grew up on Run DMC, Public Enemy, Eric B and Rakim, the Beastie Boys, Big Daddy Kane, OutKast, Tupac, Biggie and Goodie Mob, to name just a few. Hip Hop was and still is a part of my life. I also listen to a lot of meditation music with no lyrics, high frequency music and often times no music at all; but then there are times the beat will drop and I automatically connect and my body almost involuntarily begins to move. I know I am not alone! #tribe

This class is for everyone. To put restrictions on what should and shouldn't be played during yoga classes is not yoga at all. To meet people where they are and teach people that it is okay to be professional (or not) and openly embrace their culture and personality, that it is okay to heal yourself the way that speaks to you is important to me, because there is no one way.  

Live your own truths. Life will be more kind, for the walls will disappear and the sun will be on the other side.  

See you Friday's at 6:30 pm for Hip Hop Yoga and Tuesday's at 6:30pm for Gentle Soul Flow Yoga.

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